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Organic coffee
Even though Nicaragua is a coffee producing country, until recently it wasn't easy to find a good cup of coffee. Nowadays there are more and more coffeeshops opening up.

We’ve selected a quality coffee to go well with our quality products. Our coffee is being grown and processed at an ecological farm called Calamina, situated in the natural reserve Quiabuc-Las Brisas in the north of the department of León. The principal objective of the farm is environmental protection through reforestation and integrating its activities in the natural circle of life (permaculture). Calamina is growing fruit trees and cultivates coffee without using any chemical herbicides, insecticides or fertilizer.



Calamina coffee is 100% arabica and 100% organic. It's shade grown at about 1300 meters altitude. At Pan & Paz you can drink it hot, with or without milk, or as refreshing iced-coffee.

You can also visit the Calamina farm and learn more about coffee and ecological farming.
Read more about it on our link-page.

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