´All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.´
John Gunther


Besides bread we also offer a range of so called ´viennoiserie´, sweet bread French style:

  • the famous croissant (made with real butter!)
  • the equally famous chocolate bread
  • brioche: a sweat soft bread. Traditionally in France people ate the brioche with Easter or as a desert at weddings. Now the French eat their brioche as a snack or with their breakfast, soaked in coffee or chocolate milk, ´natural´or with a fine layer of butter or jelly.


  • raisin bread: a roll of soft bread, filled with pastry cream and raisins with a dash of vanilla.
  • almond croissant: our customer’s favorite! Imagine a butter-croissant filled and topped with a rich almond cream and finished of with some sliced almonds… need we say more?

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