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Albert Einstein


What is a French bakery without sandwiches? And what is a sandwich without good bread? We don’t know the answers, so ofcourse make sandwiches with our bread!

Choose the bread you want your sandwich made with: 1/3 baguette (white or whole-wheat), multigrain bread or croissant and choose your ingredient or make a combination of for example: brie (French cheese), ham, tuna, home-made pesto with vegetables, chicken or cheese. All of our sandwiches are served with fresh vegetables!

We especially recommend to try one of our cheeses on your sandwich. We have a variety of international cheeses (Camembert, Gouda, Swiss, goat cheese), all of them produced in Nicaragua! (Read more about our cheeses...)

Besides sandwiches we also make quiches. You can choose between the original 'Quiche Lorraine' with bacon, or the vegetarian version with brocoli. Always in a flaky base of our home-made puff pastry.

Take a seat and eat your sandwich or quiche in our courtyard or take it away to eat it where and whenever you want, for example on the top of a volcano!


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