´To be sensual, I think, ... is to be present in all that one does, from the effort of loving to the making of bread.´
James A. Baldwin


Artisan bakery
Pan & Paz is a small bakery where all the products are being made in an artisan way, according to traditional work methods and ancient French recipes.

Only for the mixing of the dough we use a dough mixer. All the rest of the work is done by hand, like shaping the baguettes, rolling the croissants and forming the raisin bread. So every peace of bread you buy at Pan & Paz contains the ´sweat´ and ´love´ of the baker that made it.

Every day fresh
In the morning, six days a week, we bake all our breads. So when you come to our bakery you can be sure that all the products you see and taste are fresh!

Buy some to take away or sit down for a while and enjoy one of our sandwiches or pastries with a cup of good Nicaraguan organic coffee or one of our home-made juices.

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