´To eat bread without hope is still slowly to starve to death.´
Pearl S. Buck


Almost all of the products in our shop are made in our bakery. But we also sell some products from other providers, like cheese and coffee. All of our providers are producers located in Nicaragua. Some of them you can visit to spend a couple of days and learn more about the production of cheese, coffee and/or sustainable agriculture. Start to know them here:


Calamina Coffee
Since we opened the bakery in 2009 we’re serving Calamina Coffee and we sell bags of it. This coffee is grown and processed at an ecological farm called Calamina, situated in de natural reserve Quiabuc-Las Brisas, in the north of the León department. Calamina Coffee is 100% Arabica and 100% organic. It’s shade-grown coffee at an altitude of about 1000 meters. Every two weeks Calamina brings us their freshly roasted coffee. You can visit the Calamina farm for ecotourism and to learn more about coffee, Nicaragua’s nature and ecological farming.
Click here to visit Calamina's website.


Kilambé Coffee
We also sell bags of Kilambé Coffee, beans or ground. This coffee is grown on the highest mountain of Nicaragua: Kilambé, situated in the national reserve Bosawas. You can find this coffee in different places, both inside and outside of Nicaragua.
Click here to visit the Kilambé website.


La Garnacha
La Garnacha is a community in the north of Nicaragua, close to Estelí. Here they offer a great variety of tourism activities (lodging, food, hiking, etc.) as well as possibilities to learn more about organic farming. In the community they also produce a Swiss type of cheese, which we sell at the bakery.
Click here to read more about La Garnacha.

Selva Negra  

Selva Negra
Selva Negra Eco Lodge and Coffee Estate is a multiphaceted estate with the eco lodge as the primary tourism destination, the coffee estate exporting organic and sustainable coffee, and a world-class sustainable farm in the highlands north of Matagalpa. Selva Negra also produces various types of cheese (like Gouda and Manchego) which we sell at our bakery.
Click here to visit the Selva Negra website.

Las Cabriolas  

Las Cabriolas
Las Cabriolas is a farm situated in Los Rincones, in the municipality of Masatepe where goat cheese is being produced. In one single construction the goats are held and milked, and the goat milk is processed in a laboratory. From the goat milk different types of goat cheese are produced. At our bakery we sell the fresh cheese with garlic and herbs.
Click here to visit Las Cabriolas website.

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