´Imagine there's no countries - It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for - And no religion too
Imagine all the people - Living life in peace´

John Lennon


In the year 2008 we (Frenchman Christian and Dutch Miranda) met and fell in love with each other in Granada, Nicaragua.

Shortly after, we visited León for one day and both of us immediately also fell in love with this very special, cultural and historically rich city. Little did we know that about one and a half year later we would open our own bakery here.



Christian was born and raised in the most famous bakery of Mayenne, a small historic city in the north-west of France. Already as a child Christian knew he wanted to explore the world, but his father (obviously a wise man) told him that he first had to learn a profession and this is how Christian became a baker and learned all the secrets from his father. Besides that he also went to school to become a master-baker.The following years Christian travelled the world and baked bread in many different places, so he learned to adjust his work to local circumstances like ingredients, temperature and humidity. Now Christian is the baker for Pan & Paz and teaches his Nicaraguan workers the French way of making bread.

Miranda was born and raised in Halle, a tiny village in the east of the Netherlands. After her studies she worked for several years with a lot of pleasure as a software- and business process consultant. When she was fed up with this stressful life and the traffic jams in the Netherlands she decided to quit her job and give up her house in order to travel and spend time writing. At Pan & Paz you’ll find her most in the shop, patiently explaining to the locals what the (for them unknown) products are and in the mean time babbling in different languages with all the international guests. Besides this she does all the design stuff (logo, flyers, website) for Pan & Paz.


Both of us now are working hard, with our team, to make a success out of Pan & Paz... Success means to us: familiarize the Leónese with the French culture of bread, offer employment, make quality products and above all… to have happy customers!

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