´Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all.´
Nelson Mandela


Bread is peace!
It is said that all the grand civilizations always have included the origin and elaboration of their proper cheese, wine and bread. Today in every part of the world, bread is a highly symbolic aliment, synonym of sharing, solidarity and thus of peace.



French bread in León, Nicaragua
One of the countries that is famous for its cheese, wine and bread is France and you can find these French products in many places around the world.

In Central-America there’s a place where you can find real, original French bread! This place is called Pan & Paz (Bread & Peace) and is situated in beautiful Nicaragua in historical, colonial, revolutionary and cultural León, ´city of poets´.


After Gallo Pinto, nacatamal, vigorón, quesillo, indio viejo and other delicious traditional food that you can find in restaurants, on the street or at the different markets, at Pan & Paz you can enjoy true French delicacies, made in a traditional way by a French baker.

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